Board games that enhance children's creativity

Board games that enhance children's creativity

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If you thought it was impossible to yank your kids out of the clutches of television on those afternoons when you can't go outside to play, we've got some really fun ideas. The table games traditional are the perfect leisure option for the whole family.

There are many types of board games, there are games of chance, there are some of strategy and there are even those that promote social relations among children. This time we have looked at those board games that enhance creativity of the smallest. Imagination to power.

If we like board games, it is because of the amount of benefits they have for children. And they are also fun, a factor that we cannot forget since play is one of the Fundamental Rights of children. In addition to insight, logical reasoning, and decision making, some board games can enhance children's creativity.

Because the childhood of a child cannot be exempt from imagination, illusion and fantasy. Because if we enhance their creativity we will be providing our children with a very powerful tool so that be happy. That is why we have selected some games for those creative and imaginative children.

1. Dixit. It is a card game in which each player has to expose a made up phrase based on one of the cards you have. The rest of the players must guess which card the story is based on. It is ideal for wasting imagination.

2. Magic Borras. For wizard children, for those children who are as fascinated by magic as they are capable of doing tricks themselves, this game is a classic between board games and no child can resist him.

3. Once upon a time. In this card game stimulates the creativity of future writers. The cards contain an ending and certain words that the player must use to make up his story. If you use a word that is on another player's card during your narration, you will have to abandon the story and let the other child follow.

4. Identik. In this game you have to choose a card and give details of the drawing it contains without letting it be seen. The rest of the players strive to draw with the greatest precision according to the explanations, so the imagination is the main protagonist of this board game for the whole family.

5. Lonegan. Word definitions are the engine of this game in which one player says a word and the rest have to write their invented definition. It is a super fun game in which not only children's imaginations come into play, but also their verbal expression.

6. The modeling clay. Suitable for babies and children. Leave your child plasticine of different colors and let his imagination run wild. You can mix colors, create fun shapes, and use molds. A fabulous game to stimulate the imagination of children.

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