Christmas holidays in Paris with children

Christmas holidays in Paris with children

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Paris is a good European destination to spend the Christmas holidays with children. Ornaments and lights decorate its landscape and its streets hide markets, attractions for children and other activities.

Families with children traveling to Paris can enjoy a wide range of activities free. In We propose a route with activities for families with children.

1. The lights of the Champs Elysees. Families with children visiting Paris on these dates, will be able to see the lighting of the trees of the famous French avenue. In addition, children will surely want to stop at the Gran Roue de la Plaza de la Concorde to take a ride on the huge Ferris wheel. With a height of 60 meters, parents will be able to enjoy a complete view of Paris. It is a mandatory stop on the route through Paris.

2. The Saint Germain des Prés Christmas market. From December 2 to January 2. Families who travel to Paris at Christmas can enjoy this market with 15 years of tradition. Both parents and children can enjoy Christmas food and buy Christmas gifts made by hand.

3. Disney Land Paris.The Disney park becomes a Christmas paradise with many activities. Families can see the traditional parade of kings, night fireworks castles, the setting of the Christmas tree that opens the holiday at Disney and many other surprises. The average price is usually around 200 euros per family with a child for 2 or 3 days.

4. Christmas tree at Notre-Dame. An immense tree that remains from November 28 to February 2 in the cathedral square. Families with children will enjoy the choirs singing Christmas songs around them. One of the symbols of Christmas in Paris that you cannot miss on this family trip.

5. Christmas guys alive. From December 17 to January 1, the districts of Paris will be filled with lively dudes and attractions for children. Santa Claus and his reindeer and many more Christmas characters await children on the streets of Paris.

Paris offers a very wide range of cultural activities and most of them are free. So if you are thinking of traveling with your children this Christmas to Paris, you already have a route to enjoy as a family.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site

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