The difficulties of a child with strabismus

The difficulties of a child with strabismus

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Strabismus is an eye disorder and occurs when there is a lack of parallelism in the child's eyes. It is a deviation in the focus of the gaze, in such a way that the eyes seem to each go their own way and do not converge.

Not only is it a disorder that can be seen with the naked eye since the child squints, but it also causes double vision or blurred vision in the child, which causes them to have learning problems.

Children with strabismus have different difficulties related to learning, especially those that are associated with coordination. By not having binocular vision, usually they are children who tend to be a little clumsier since it costs them a little more to coordinate. This happens because they are not capable, or have a hard time calculating depth and distances.

Throughout development, different strategies to help children with strabismus. There are children who are more skilled and it will cost them less, but children who are less skilled will have to make a greater effort to do certain types of coordination tasks and it will always be greater than any other child who does not have a squint.

It is also common for children with strabismus to be more tired at the end of the day due to the effort they have to do when receiving information from only one of the eyes, that their eyes itch, that they become irritated.

Detecting a strabismus is usually very simple because apparently in most cases there is physical evidence, yes we can see that one of the eyes deviatesTherefore, when it comes to detecting it, most of it can be detected with the naked eye.

That is why the important thing, since strabismus can be seen with the naked eye, is to see at a visual level which skills are being damaged and may be being damaged so that the ophthalmologist or optometrist can treat them.

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