The most popular names in the US for boys

The most popular names in the US for boys

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When it comes to naming the baby, families in the United States look at the most diverse traditions. Due to the large number of Spanish speakers living in the US, in the list of frequent names in this country we can find both Anglo-Saxon and Spanish names. hispanic.

A peculiarity of the most popular boy names in the US is the simplicity of the names. It seems that American parents prefer traditional names, with its own entity, forcefulness and familiarity. In the list of frequent names, the boy names that we come across are always easily recognizable names.

1. David
It is a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is related to love given and received. If it occupies the first place in the list of frequent names in the United States, it is because of its simplicity and because it is consolidated in such a way that it has not lost its freshness.

2. Michael
This name of Hebrew origin also occupies the top positions in the list of frequent names in many Spanish-speaking countries in its Miguel variant. In the US, Michael is very familiar and there are many popular characters who have carried this name, setting a trend that is difficult to stop.

3. Daniel
The Hebrew origin of this name only reinforces its beauty of meaning that speaks of justice. That is why Daniel is a frequent name both in the US and in many other parts of the world. And it is a name whose popularity, far from decreasing, is increasing year after year.

4. Antonio
It is a name of Latin origin that North American families prefer in this Hispanic form rather than in its own English variant Anthony. The wide range of diminutives and possible variants makes this name at the top of the list of frequent names in many countries of the world.

5. Alexander
We find a Greek origin for this name of exceptional beauty and meaning that in the Hispanic world we know as Alejandro. The name comes loaded with the full weight of tradition, history and with a distinguished touch that is difficult to match.

6. Richard
This "brave king" of Germanic origin is a more frequent name in this English version than in its Spanish variant Ricardo. Despite its use, its popularity does not decrease over the years because it continues to maintain a noble and original touch.

7. Robert
Another name of Germanic origin that ranks as one of the most popular names in the US. It is one of those names that never go out of style precisely because of its simplicity and because it always maintains a special strength. We find the Hispanic equivalent in Roberto, who is also a very popular name.

8. John
This name has a Hebrew origin and is the variant of the Hispanic Juan. It is a world-renowned name that enjoys great popularity thanks to the biblical tradition. It is a name that has enough forcefulness to be a simple name, but that many times appears in compound names complementing others.

9. Manuel
The Hebrew origin of this name shows the preference of North American families for those names of biblical tradition. Although its Anglophone variant in Emmanuel, it is in its Hispanic version that we most often find this name that stands out for its familiarity and simplicity.

10. Christopher
It is a name of Greek origin whose meaning is related to Christ, so its religious connotations are evident. Over time, its religious meaning has been lost to make this name one of the favorites by US families.

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