The most popular names in the US for girls

The most popular names in the US for girls

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Before the arrival of the baby, there are many names that parents shuffle, from the most original and rare even the most traditional. However, the trend is to choose a traditional name for the baby, perhaps because it involves safe bets. Thus, we see how in the United States the fashions for putting strange names pass and we return to the names of a lifetime.

When we talk about traditional names in the US we tend to think of Anglo-Saxon names. However, some typically Hispanic names also appear on the list of frequent names, such as the classic María or even the compound name María Carmen.

1. Maria
This name has a Hebrew origin and is one of the most frequent both in the US and in other parts of the world. María or Mary is a name that stands out for its simplicity, strong enough to go alone, but that often accompanies another name to give it more character.

2. Elizabeth
It is a name of English origin that can be the equivalent of both Isabel and Elisa. In fact, its uncertain origins only highlight the mysterious and seductive character of this name that has always enjoyed great popularity.

3. Patricia
It is a name of Latin origin well known throughout the world. If it has become one of the frequent names in the United States, it is because of that special musicality and because it has always provided a touch of distinction. Without a doubt, it is one of the favorite names to describe the beauty of any girl.

4. Carmen
Although this name has a Latin origin, its use comes from the Hispanic sphere, so it is not surprising that for years it has been placed at the top of the list of frequent names in the United States. It is one of those names that, due to its character, has known how to make its popularity cross borders.

5. Jennifer
It is a name of Welsh origin with a great beauty of meaning related to the foam of the sea. Its popularity has crossed borders, becoming a frequent name not only in the United States but also in the Hispanic sphere.

6. Jessica
The name has a Hebrew origin although it is in this English variant that it has become the most popular. If it is one of the most frequent names for girls in the United States, it is thanks to that musicality and the delicacy it gives off. Oblivious to fashions, the name has long been in American families.

7. Michelle
The name is of Hebrew origin although its most popular variant is this in English or French. We are facing one of the names preferred by US families for the warmth and tenderness that it awakens. Also, the number of famous people named Michelle only increases the popularity of this name.

8. Maria Carmen
The Hebrew origin of Maria combines with the Latin origin of Carmen to form one of the most frequent compound names in the United States. Its popularity never ceases to amaze us, since it is a name that comes from the Hispanic sphere. In any case, both names are strong enough to appear in this list of frequent names also separately.

9. Nicole
This name of Greek origin whose meaning is related to victory is more popular in this English variant which is the same as in French. If it is among the most frequent names for girls in the US, it is because it exudes beauty and elegance and because it brings a touch of sophistication despite its long tradition.

10. Maria Elena
The Hebrew origin of Mary joins the Greek origin of Elena in a compound name that evokes nobility and distinction. The biblical tradition is combined with the history of the oldest Greece, exerting a great fascination for this name that does not lose freshness despite its use.

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