Why are there children who suck their thumb

Why are there children who suck their thumb

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For many babies, it is a very normal act thumb sucking from practically the moment of birth until the first years of childhood. Many times this can be replaced with the use of a pacifier, although there are children who prefer to suck their thumb. We explain why they do it.

1. Reflex suction: For many children, thumb sucking is nothing more than a reflex. Some babies do this suction, which can then substitute with the pacifier, from the womb, something that can be seen even in ultrasounds when the pregnancy is advanced. Once they are born, finger sucking continues to be a natural reflex action until they are three or four years old, which is already a process that has become a habit.

2. As a search for foodAlthough it is evident that thumb sucking will not provide nutrients to the child's body, many carry out this action when they feel hungry, as a calming process that momentarily quenches the feeling of wanting to eat.

3. Calming effect: If the child suffers an episode of stress, or simply wants to relax, or has pain in the mouth area when the teeth are coming out, thumb sucking it can be a very comforting balm. Children put their fingers in their mouths to feel good, and this can symbolize an act of intimacy in which they feel secure.

4. For boredom: For some children, in addition to a process of acquired behavior, thumb sucking is one more activity, which they carry out in a moment of free time and relaxation or when they are bored, so parents who do not want their child to Put your finger in your mouth should be attentive to suggest other activities when they detect that you are going to do it.

5. To fall asleep: Many children do not suck their thumb all day until late at night, which means that they have established this behavior to be able to go to sleep. Reconcile the dream can be difficult for infants and toddlers, and many of them find satisfaction in sucking their own thumb to get a Total relaxation and an inner sound that makes them fall asleep peacefully.

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