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The challenge of maintaining a healthy diet with children in quarantine

The challenge of maintaining a healthy diet with children in quarantine

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To try to stop the spread of the coronavirus and after governments ask their citizens to stay at home, one of the main problems that both parents and children face is boredom, which can lead us to eat without measure. That's why from Guiainfantil we launch a challenge, to maintain a healthy diet with children in quarantine. And, not only that, we give you the keys to achieve it. Go for it!

Unfortunately in these times of quarantine you not only have to keep busy to keep your mind active but also your body. Exercising is vital for the physical health of the body and daily physical exercise sessions should be established.

Not only to maintain physical health, but also because one of the most frequent manifestations of boredom is snacking. Asking for food without being hungry is easily avoidable with fixed and established eating, work and leisure schedules for everyone, children and adults, so get down to work and plan your day as you would if you left home.

1. To begin with, it is important and necessary that rest patterns do not change. Since they can also affect metabolism, disrupting it, and behavior.

2. Keep a breakfast schedule similar to what you would when there was school, without varying it too much. You don't need to get up at dawn, of course, but staying in bed until 10 is not healthy either.

3. Maintain a personal hygiene for children as you would in more normal conditions, trying to incorporate some fun into his routine. For example, if your children swim, it is clear that now they will not be able to, but that does not prevent them from taking a bath and playing from time to time, even if they are older, they will surely appreciate it! In my house it has been a lot of fun to do a soap workshop and then use each one individually for personal hygiene, the next thing is to try to make bath bombs!

4. Pajamas are for sleeping only. After breakfast and washing up, everyone to get dressed. You don't necessarily have to take off your best clothes or your school uniform, but this little change of clothes helps us get out of the loop our lives are becoming.

And now it's time to get into the kitchen to organize and get maintain a healthy diet for our children and for us.

- For breakfast cereals, toast, a little fruit, a glass of milk or yogurt, even a piece of omelette if it was left over from the night before. Avoid cookies and buns that have so much sugar and unhealthy fat.

- Mid-morning and mid-afternoon It is convenient to look a little at what was missing at breakfast. If you didn't eat fruit, now is the ideal time to eat it; If you didn't have dairy, then a piece of bread with cheese or yogurt, and so on, a ham sandwich, hummus with carrot sticks, a fruit smoothie ...

-At lunch time it is better to go for a single dish and not get too full. Legumes should not be absent, at least a couple of times a week; pasta or rice with some meat or some stewed potatoes will be a good carbohydrate contribution; and without forgetting the vegetables, depending on what we can find in the supermarket.

- For dinner, trying to complement the food, fish, eggs, meat or chicken in any of its varieties, avoiding fried foods and saturated fats as much as possible.

To drink water, forget about juices or carbonated drinks and even milk in meals. Juices, milk or fruit smoothies can be very useful at snack time or breakfast, always without overusing juices due to their free sugar content and low fiber content.

Fruit infusions are very useful for the elderly, who have a great tendency to abuse caffeine, so we can incorporate them into our routine by avoiding drinking more than two cups of coffee a day.

To try to ensure that our family maintains a diet as healthy and balanced as possible, and taking into account that supermarkets are promising that they will maintain the flow of products, we should try to eat as fresh as possible, especially the day we make the purchase.

In the pantry, legumes, which are not only healthy but a kilo gives a lot of themselves, a can of beans or peas without overdoing it, pasta and rice. As for vegetables and greens, potatoes should not be missing, as well as carrots, onions or garlic, so necessary for our formidable kitchen, in addition, they are very durable if we keep them in a cool and airy place.

Apples, pears, oranges and tangerines are the most useful fruits, and they should not be missing in your pantry. The day you go to the supermarket, make sure that both children and adults eat other varieties of fruit such as grapes, strawberries or raspberries, the more variety the better. In my house we have found the banana very attractive, which, for special occasions, we freeze and turn into ice cream with delicious dark chocolate chips.

In the fridge and freezer we can try to have both vegetables (fresh, frozen or freezing according to what we buy) as well as meat, chicken and fish.

While the situation is alarming, neither should we buy in excess, since the basic products will not be lacking, and we can easily make substitutions. It does not matter if one day there is no broccoli, surely there will be green beans, or zucchini, and with them we can prepare a fantastic puree for our little ones.

It does not matter that there is no minced meat, instead of meatballs we can eat a grilled chicken fillet, and so on. It is important to remain calm and come up with attractive dishes with whatever means we have.

Avoid buying cookies, buns, candy, chocolate, sweets, or salty snacks. If you have them at home, you are going to eat them, and it is about maintaining a diet as healthy as possible, so sugar, salt and fat are the enemies to beat. Homemade popcorn or a handful of almonds or pipes can be great for watching a family movie, but save it for special occasions.

Some foods are also ideal for keeping the immune system on top, such as oranges, spinach or tomatoes, which are very rich in vitamin C; fish, nuts and seeds and, of course, our beloved olive oil, all of them rich in vitamin E.

Also, carrots, peaches or apricots, rich in carotenoids and, of course, fish, necessary thanks to their content in omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, red meat, seafood and whole grains are rich in zinc, which increases the ability to white blood cells to fight infectious agents; while selenium, which helps T lymphocytes in their fight with pathogens, is easily found in nuts and seeds and shellfish.

Remember that the most important thing is to maintain a routine of meals, leisure and work and good hygiene measures, but above all, calm.

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